Cantinho Do Avillez Cascais

José Avillez Restaurant, Cascais
Architecture / Interior Design

Cantinho do Avillez is born where the old restaurant Lucullus once stood, in the middle of the village of Cascais. The narrative of this project is based in the creation of cozy and contemporary rooms, where guests will feel at home. We have respected the memory of the space while reorganizing it for better functionality and fluidity. The existing arcade in the patio inspired a language that springs directly from its classic form, reinterpreting and celebrating those sinuous curves in the five niches of the main room with their intimate tables, in the transitional passages between rooms, in the doors, in the glasses through which we can peek between rooms, in the revetment of the walls in high half-cane wainscoting and in the niches of the retro-cabinet of the bar. The Bay of Cascais offered up rich blues, slatted wood and natural stone as a perfect palette of color, texture and material. The concept of “home” is transmitted by means of integrated furniture, ceramic lamps, fabrics, baby photos of Chef Avillez, dishes, decorative objects and plants. The ground floor consists of the hall, bar, dining rooms, bathroom, kitchen, exterior patio and esplanade. On the first floor are additional dining rooms and bathrooms. One of the great challenges of this project was to bring natural light into a very deep space, and we resolved it by opening lajes, doubling the ceiling height, introducing lanterns and installing a glass roof. At Cantinho de Cascais, the progressive sequence of spaces dominates, and walking along the full length of this restaurant is a fun and dynamic experience, a discovery of environments that continue acquiring different languages, without losing their central thread.

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