Spring – 2016
Window Displays


Habitat: ‘habitat/noun : the natural home or environment of an animal, plant or other organism. Synonyms: environment, territory, element, surroundings, terrain, home, domain, haunt. Nature is life. It is every environment that hosts and nourishes life. Each living thing needs a home, a shelter; each living thing flourishes only in its element. Each living thing needs a space of protection and nourishment, and the grounds to thrive. Whether it is the ocean, the forest, a field of blossoms or the savage jungle, these environments are wild. But paradoxically, every natural environment is also a home: it is a manifestation of comfort, security and refuge. Any given habitat might host hives, webs, cocoons, caves, dens, and nests. The vitrines of Hermès Lisboa will celebrate a broad array of natural habitats in Spring 2016, linked in textural, chromatic and formal dialogue, and featuring selected Hermès products as if they were organisms in their natural terrain.

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