Summer – 2015
Window Displays

Window Displays

The World Around Photography

The flâneur is innately curious and a master in the art of observation. He takes the time to contemplate his surroundings in depth, grasping every exquisite ephemeral detail of daily life, as well as the particular features of the spaces and objects that surround him. The flâneur scans the banal to find the incongruous; he looks for the unconventional, the unique, the absurd, the peculiar, and the extraordinary. Photography is the ideal medium for the observant flâneur, and the camera is his perfect instrument with its capacity to capture and freeze the fleeting moment. The vitrines of Hermés Lisbon celebrate the art and the world of photography in Summer 2015. A story unfolds in chapters based upon the photographic studio, the model, the darkroom, the photo booth, the instant polaroid camera and the pixel, challenging visitors to change the way they look at things and discover the unexpected.

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