Summer – 2016
Window Displays

Window Displays

Ocean Life

Water is the driving force of nature. It is life’s matter and matrix, medium and mother. There is no life without water. It comprises seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface, and as much as sixty percent of our human bodies. Over ninety-six percent of the earth’s water is contained within the oceans, and this ocean-water contains the exact same salt content as our own blood. We have salt in our sweat and in our tears. These fluids of life, death, exertion and emotion tie us inextricably to the oceans. We are drawn to it fundamentally, elementally, consciously and sub-consciously. It beckons us as a source of food, a space of adventure and play, an inspiration for art and music, a catalyst for love. The vast oceans lured ancient mariners into their unknown expanses in search of power, and fortune, and redemption. Yet the ocean frightens and repels us as well: as clever and capable as we may feel as we swim in it and fish in it and splash in it and cross it in our great ships, as much as we may attempt to bend its power to our will, we are no match for the ocean. The oceans are life, therefore, and they are also death. This is their magnetic pull. This is their lure. The ocean is home and habitat to a vast number of species beyond we humans ourselves. Joining us in and on and around the ocean water are jellyfish and octopuses, whales and sharks, bugs and birds. In Summer 2016, the vitrines of Hermès Lisboa entice us to dream of the facts and fantasies of aquatic life in all of its forms, paying homage to the vitality and variety of summer on the mighty Atlantic coast.

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