Menswear Boutique Store, Lisbon

Labrador Store, Lisbon
Architecture / Interior Design

The narrative of the space for Labrador’s flagship store is based in the now-classic North American “Case Study Houses” of the 1950s. It is a retail space characterized by a unique sense of domesticity and comfort, shot through with a skein of mid-century minimalist elegance and fortified with a distinctively masculine twist. The journey through the shop is a voyage of discovery, where various moments of “space in space” characterize different zones: foyer, the Tailor’s House, a lounge with fireplace and bar, the Alfaiataria (an open workshop where the clients can observe garment construction in action) and fitting rooms. Embracing all of these spaces is a fluid perimeter where all of the brand’s products are exposed in an integrative exhibition system based in the concept of built-in furniture. To celebrate the former Labrador shop, we have integrated the old storefront façade in the Tailor’s House, enhancing the sensation of “space in space.”

The palette of textures and materials includes the wood paneling that runs throughout the shop; the black-iron profiles of the display system, with its geometric lines integrated into the shop’s walls; carpet; velvet; and an immersive deep blue that lends masculine sensibility to the space. The vintage lighting fixtures and furniture contribute to the creation of a cozy habitat. Various vintage decorative objects, linked to the world of the tailor and invoking a sense of virile lifestyle, play a fundamental role in telling the history of the brand.

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