Liberdade 203

Welcome kit (2017)
Art Direction



This is the key to your home, the key to your Lisbon, the key to your piece of Liberdade. 


This is a peep-hole into the future, a glimpse of what lies within, and a vision of memories not yet made.


Peace? Calm? Rest? Relaxation? Comfort?  It’s here. Look, and see.


Or this might be your key to adventure. Ambition. Achievement. Challenge. Excitement.


Experiences ripe with possibility, even risk. What do you seek? Open your eyes. Don’t miss a moment.


This is the key to your home.


History is here with you – your own history, as well as the heritage of the whole world.


It’s around every corner, awaiting discovery. For the first time, and all over again.


Meet it with open arms, open mind, open eyes.


Your world, your liberty, your Lisbon. Look for it, and see.


Welcome home.



Keychain designed for Liberdade 203, by Studio Astolfi (2017). Wood, brass, leather and glass.

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