Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum

World of Wine, Porto
Exhibition Design

In these displays we highlight the encounter between dream and innovation, through the creation and construction of a series of magical toys. We celebrate these magical toys through movement, using various mechanisms. A playful little house with wheels, where Hermès shoes come and go through the door, and a hat frolics in the air. A team of miniature carpenters builds an over-scaled Hermès shoe from wood, inside a glass cupola; on the bottom, you see the gears of the mechanisms that move the dolls. The sculpted shoe is inspired by the Hermès shoe that the mannequin is wearing. A slowly-rotating solar system composed of a set of planets revolves around the sun, showcasing several Hermès bracelets as if they were the rings of Saturn. A set of articulated wooden hands displays Hermès gloves and a scarf, creating a continuous wave. Rotating mirrors of a praxinoscope create the movement of galloping horses, and here, Hermès equestrian products are featured. A slowly-rotating whirligig presents the two chromatic patterns of a Hermès scarf flying overhead in the air. An acrobat boy tries to balance a set of Hermès crockery on his head, but several dishes have already fallen and are partiaully buried in the snow around him. A skier travels up a mountainside with a Hermès twilly around his neck, blowing in the stiff wind - and its movement is created by a pendulum, where a bottle of Hermès perfume serves as counterweight. A little broom sweeps up shavings from Hermès soap, like a dusting of snow. The element of surprise and dynamism of these toys celebrates the fantasy world of Hermès, creating a poetic, playful and theatrical narrative in the presentation of the brand’s products.

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