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Joana Astolfi  (b. Lisbon, 1975) is an artist, architect and designer who draws visual inspiration from a broad universe of found objects. Porcelain statuettes, miniatures, vintage chairs, lamps, toys, diaries and photographs of people she never met populate and shape her creative vision. Her artworks, installations and window displays are inspired by imperfections, mistakes and the irrepressibility of humor.

A keen sense of history also characterizes her interior design and architectural work for commercial and private clients. Distinctive surfaces, fixtures, details, textures and patinas bring depth and complexity to clean, simple lines and illuminated open spaces, always with an eye toward the history and memory of the place. Astolfi sees objects and spaces as experiences, caught in time, but also capable of transcending and bridging time - and she leads her audiences on this fantastic journey.

“When I was a young girl I used to collect old photographs and invent the stories of the characters in the photos. My favorite toy was the Viewmaster: I used to spend hours traveling that world of images. I made drawings on top of old paintings and photos that I found in my grandmother’s house, never on blank sheets of paper - those scared me (and still do today)! I wrote love letters to my boyfriends on my grandfather’s old typewriter… Today I continue to collect secondhand objects that I find in flea markets, old shops and abandoned houses… I like to stroll through the streets of Lisbon’s downtown district. I love the smell of bakeries, I love old hair salons and carpentry shops. I love to sit at the counters of typical downtown bars and hear the stories that older people have to share.”

Starting from Joana’s creative vision, Studio Astolfi is a team of artists, architects, and technicians who specialize in telling stories, evoking memories, and captivating the curiosity of our audiences.

Studio Astolfi has created projects for Hermès, Belcanto, Bairro do Avillez, Claus Porto, São Lourenço do Barrocal, A Padaria Portuguesa, Lx Factory, PARK Bar, João Manzarra, André Ópticas and NOS, among many others.

Joana Astolfi
Founder & Creative Director
Artist, Architect, Designer

Art Department

Rita Garcia, Sculptor / Coordinator
Joana Subtil, Art Director
Thibaut Dewart, Artisan

Architecture Department

Cristina Martinho, Senior Architect / Coordinator
António Bento, Senior Architect / Project Manager
Carolina Grave, Senior Architect / Project Manager
Rita Monteiro, Senior Architect / Project Manager
Marta Ferreira, Senior Architect
Cheila Dionísio, Junior Architect
Rita Varela Gomes, Junior Architect
Sofia Belém Graça, Interior Designer
Francisco Almeida, Industrial Designer

Administrative Department

Miguel Teixeira, CFO
Filipa Won, Financial Advisor
Cristina Brísida, Logistics & Financial Assistant


Press and Communications

Armando Ribeiro, Communications Director
Vasco Águas, Communications

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