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Joana Astolfi (b. Lisbon, 1975) is an architect, artist and designer who draws visual inspiration from a broad universe of found objects and artifacts, with particular focus on history and narrative. She treats a space like a living thing, like an active player in human drama. Her work starts from a profound sensitivity to each place’s evolving identity over time, to its series of relationships with the humans who move through it, and to all of the stories that unfold within it. For Astolfi, architectural and interior-design renovations are like resurrections: she aims to bring forth another new life in each project, and to set the stage for new stories yet to unfold while keeping the richness of the past alive.

Astolfi completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in England, graduating with Distinction. She lived and worked for twelve years outside of her native Portugal, including long forays in London, Italy, Munich and Los Angeles. During two years in Venice, she was part of the team at FABRICA Creative Research Centre.

During these formative years Astolfi developed a process that is both meticulous and capricious, leading to a unique aesthetic style. Her acute historical sensibility informs not only her artworks but also her interior design and architectural projects for commercial and private clients. Extraordinary surfaces, fixtures, details, textures and patinas bring depth and complexity to clean, simple lines and illuminated open spaces, always with an eye toward the history and memory of the place. Astolfi sees objects and spaces as experiences, caught in time, but also capable of transcending and bridging time and she leads her audiences on this fantastic journey.

Joana established Studio Astolfi in 2009. Now comprising around 20 collaborators, Studio Astolfi is a team of architects, designers, artists, artisans, carpenters, metallurgists, craftspeople and technicians who apply their diverse specializations toward the evocation of narrative. Headquartered in a converted warehouse in the industrial neighborhood of Marvila, on the outskirts of Lisbon, Studio Astolfi’s two distinct but deeply interrelated departments – Architecture and Art – dedicate themselves to the rehabilitation of spaces, interior design, window-display design, art direction, scenography, art installations and original art pieces. Astolfi’s artworks, installations and window displays are inspired by imperfections, surprises,mistakes, detours and the irrepressibility of humor. Porcelain statuettes, miniatures, vintage chairs, lamps, toys, diaries, tools, utensils and photographs of people she never met populate and shape her creative vision.

Since 2014 Studio Astolfi has been responsible for the design of the window displays of Hermès in Portugal, and her extensive list of clients also includes Grupo Avillez, Vitra, Discovery Land, Herdade da Comporta, Tranquilidade, Claus Porto, André Ópticas, A Padaria Portuguesa, São Lourenço do Barrocal, L’Oréal, CUF, Storytailors, Village Underground, NOS, Sonae, Teixeira Duarte, The Fladgate Partnership, Grupo Azora, Oceanário de Lisboa, Viúva Lamego and De La Spada, as well as many private clients. Astolfi’s artwork has traveled the world in several exhibitions, and can be found in the catalogues of diverse collectors. 

Astolfi has given conferences worldwide based on her life and work, focusing on her unique approach that crosses architecture and art. Her work has been featured in various books and magazines. Joana has been guest jury in several architectural competitions and art biennials. Studio Astolfi has received a series of awards including ‘Best Visual Merchandising’ by Monocle Design Awards 2021 and ‘Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Portugal’ by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020. Joana was also recently distinguished as one of the 100 leading entrepreneurs in the category of Design in The Monocle Book of Entrepreneurs.

For Astolfi life, art and architecture all find their balance between beauty and playfulness, between sophistication and irreverence, and in the constant flow between memory to fantasy to the richness of every passing present moment.

Joana Astolfi
Founder & Creative Director
Artist, Architect, Designer

Architecture Department

Ali Talaat, Product Designer
Ana Lemos, Interior Designer
André Rocha, Architect
Clara Urbinati, Architect
Eleonora Causin, Architect
Inês Nogueira, Architect
Luisa Leve, Operational Manager
Michael Vieira, Senior Architect / Coordinator
Miguel Rosalez, Architect
Sandra Imaz, Architect

Art Department

Rita Garcia, Artist
Joana Subtil, Artist
Thibaut Dewart, Artisan

Web/Graphic Design

Hugo Portinha, Graphic Designer

Administrative Department

Miguel Teixeira, CFO
Filipa Won, Financial Advisor


Press and Communications

Armando Ribeiro, Communications Director
Vasco Águas, Communications

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